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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Super Tooth! By Annika Rossi ( Me)!

One day Mr. Tooth was coming out of his house. He was about to go in his car but then Evil Electric shocked Mr. Tooth, then Evil Electric was out of sight! Now Mr. Tooth was.... SUPER TOOTH! When he went to bed he felt different. The next morning, Super Tooth had to see Evil Electric. On the way, Super Tooth met a brown bear picking flowers. Super Tooth said "hello little bear". " Well hello to you too said the bear. My name is Flower said Flower". " My name is Super Tooth said Super Tooth. Can you help me defeat  Evil Electric"? " Yes I can" said Flower. " Then we should go now" said Super Tooth. But way up the mountains, Evil Electric's Gard dog's were watching Super Tooth and Flower. " Tell me something about Evil Electric" said Flower. " Well Evil Electric is a plug of lightning and he his the reason I'm super" said Super Tooth. "But why is he evil then" said Flower. " A long time ago, Evil Electric was just a nice plug but he went outside on a stormy day and he got shocked" said Super Tooth. " Wow! I can't believe that's true" Flower said. " But it's true" Super Tooth said. While Super Tooth and Flower were talking, a little frog  came by. " Rib bit, Rib bit, Rib bit" the frog said. But Super Tooth and Flower went on. They were almost to Evil Electric's house. His Gard dog's came barking at Super Tooth and Flower. So of course, Super Tooth and Flower ran and ran. Then the dogs' went to sleep. Super Tooth and Flower tiptoed passed the sleeping dogs' and went inside. Super Tooth could hear Evil Electric snoring for his life! Now Flower could hear too. Then, all of a sudden there was a big crash! Stars fell in the house. But Evil Electric did not wake up! Next lightning hit the house and sure was Evil Electric up. Super Tooth took Flower and flew to a hiding spot. " I'm scared" Flower said. " There is no reason to be" Super Tooth said. Evil Electric cried out" THE LIGHTNING  THAT SHOCKED ME YEARS AGO CAME BACK! Flower felt bad for him. Super Tooth was going in. Super Tooth told Evil Electric to calm down. Evil electric said"OK". Flower came up the stairs. Evil Electric was looking for Super Tooth because he was sorry for the cause. Super Tooth said that it was" OK ".  Evil Electric was now MR. ELECTRIC AGAIN! Flower said " WOW"! Then all three of them laugh. They said their good-byes then Super Tooth and Flower went home with happy memories!
I like this book because I made it. It was such a good book to write! I hope you liked it has much as I liked to write it. I just made that story with four pictures from a magazine. A tooth. A brown bear. A plug. And a picture of two dogs. Well enjoy.    

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