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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pixie Tricks Double Trouble

This is about a 9 year old girl name Violet and she meets a real pixie! She is amazed of the sight she is seeing. The pixie's name is Sprite and he needs Violet to help him to trick 14 other pixies' back to his world. With the help of Violet, the fairy Queen, and Violet's cousin Leon Sprite is almost done of his job. This time they have to trick two dwarf that steel puppies from the park. Sprite puts a spell on Leon to make him a puppy to see where the dwarfs took the other puppies. But there was no luck because the dwarfs tied Sprite and Violet to a tree. Leon ( A dog) was found too and put with the other dogs. Soon Violet talked to the nice dwarf to let them go and he did. Violet and Sprite talked to Leon to talk to the other dogs to clime on each other to get out. Leon becomes a human again and run home. The dwarfs find them and are angry at them. Violet let the nice dwarf keep one of the puppies that does not have a family. But the mean dwarf is not happy. Sprite tells him about his favorite human food and the mean dwarf is now another nice dwarf. Then the dwarfs are tricked by commanding Sprite and Violet. Now there are still are pixies to be tricked by Sprite, Violet, and Leon!

I like this book because it is funny and about pixies! Pixies are my favorite make-believe thing! The whole set is full of excitement.

1 comment:

  1. Ok feeling kinda cool about being your first comment :)

    My name is Khadija and I'm a big fan of your mom's blog, it's so cool that you've started your own. (Reading Pixie is an awesome name)

    I know what you mean about pixies, there pretty awesome. Pixie Tricks sounds pretty fun, I think I'll go check it out and maybe get a copy for my cousin :)