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Sunday, July 24, 2011

How to Fight a Girl By Thomas Rockwell

                                      When we last met Billy Forrester he was on his way to winning a bet with Alan Phelps by eating
                                       fifteen juicy worms. Billy used his winnings to buy a minibike and soon traded that in for a trail bike.
                                       Now Alan and his friends Joe vow to get even with Billy. Together with the help of  Joe's sister Rena
                                       and her friend Amy, the fiendish foursome cook up a scheme to humiliate Billy.
                                       Immediately Billy prepares to fight and even the score. His trail bike and his honor are ate at stake.
                                       All he needs is a crafty cohort. But what is she happens to be a girl?
                                                                     ( That was on the back of the book, How to fight a Girl)